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Monkeypod Bowls
Click to enlarge - Monkeypod Wood Bowls Monkeypod wood bowls are a popular choice for academic and
corporate as well as sporting presentations in the Island style.
Bowls are avaiable in a variety of sizes.
Click to enlarge - Monkeypod Wood Bowls Add an engraved brass plate to your monkeypod bowl to honor that special
someone or team. Plates are hand curved to match the contours of each bowl.
Beware shoddy competitors who bend a flat plate onto a bowl rather than
pain-stakingly contour each plate to each bowl.
Click to enlarge - Monkeypod Wood Bowls and Spoons Present a salad in style in a large monkeypod bowl and serve with matching
utensils crafted in monkeypod wood. Monkeypod spoons are available with or
without purchase of any size monkeypod bowl.

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