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Firefox and Thunderbird userChrome Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird userChrome
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Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird userChrome
Developed by Mark Carson Mozilla Public License (MPL) applies.
MS-Windows: Download the following files and save them to each of your chrome folders beneath your Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird Profile folders. For example my Thunderbird chrome folder is: C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\96lh2ry9.default\chrome

NOTE - You may need to create a new Folder named "Chrome" under your Sunbird Profile folder if one does not already exist.


/* Use a background image for the toolbars:
   (Substitute your image file for background.gif) */

menubar, toolbox, toolbar, .tabbrowser-tabs {
  background-image: url("chrome.png") !important;
  background-color: none !important;

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